Our mission is to empower, expand, and connect the gaming community for greater adventures.

The ultimate gaming platform.

  • Instant Game Access

    Roam through an unparalleled world of games. Whether you're looking for an intense FPS or an epic massively-multiplayer game, GEMA's got your back.

  • Unified Game Library

    We understand how messy multiple game libraries can be, so GEMA combines all your PC games to be in one safe place.

  • Game Battles

    Feeling competitive? Find other teams to match up against in an intense game battle.

  • The Pack

    GEMA knows that games themselves are only half the fun, we want to connect you to a growing community to complete the other half.

Join the pack.

  • Friends and Parties

    No need to be a lone wolf, complete missions and wreck the other team with your friends.

  • Chat Features

    Make sure your friends actually make call-outs in your game (just mute them if they start playing music in the mic).

  • Media

    Share your skills through videos, artwork, and streams to the rest of the pack.

  • Forums and Reviews

    Communicate with those who share your interests in the community... but try to keep the banter friendly.